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Teaches Pole & Flexibility

Valeria started in rhythmic gymnastics in the regional center of Geneva at the age of five. Passionate about this sport, which she practiced for ten years, she won the title of Swiss champion in 2005, 2007 and 2009. She also participated in international level tournaments and notably won second place in Belgium. This discipline allows her to acquire flexibility, agility, coordination and grace. This sport involves an awareness of the body and movement which brings it a certain ease in the field of dance. This is why she naturally turns to this path which has fascinated and fulfilled her for a long time already.

During her years as a gymnast, she also took ballet lessons given by Yann Aubert (student of the Béjart company) who developed her taste for dance.

Subsequently, she took Jazz and Contemporary lessons in order to refine her practice. Driven by her Latin origins, she added salsa to her artistic curriculum and won first place at the medium level at the Salsa Geneva Cup.

The following year, she discovered a sport similar to Rhythmic Gymnastics : Pole Dance, which she practiced for 3 years. The figures require as much strength as flexibility and it was a new challenge for her.

Always driven by her passion for gymnastics, she trains several groups of young girls within the Lancy society “Gym et Danse”. Her curiosity and her experience as an athlete led her to train in the field of sport. She is now a personal trainer and in turn prepares indoor athletes for their specific sport.

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