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Teach Pole Dance.

Racky - Aerial Dance Geneva

Impressed by what the body can do on a pole dance bar, Racky was introduced to this discipline in 2014 by taking her very first class at Aerial Dance Geneva.

After having practiced several sports including tennis and Taekwondo, she turned to the world of aerial dances and Yoga, which she particularly likes. She does not hesitate to travel abroad to take part in workshops with professionals in the field, such as in 2015 when she spent a long stay in New York in order to perfect her technique.

She wants to bring her personal touch to the initiation of new students in what this beautiful activity is and above all to give them the desire to continue. She is currently training to teach Pole Dance at Aerial Dance.

Racky was a crowd favorite at the 2015 Aerial Dance Show and finished in first place.

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