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Teaches Flexibility


Her encounter with dance began when she was 4 years old. Since that day, dancing has been Lionelle's greatest ally and an integral part of her lifestyle.

Trained in classical dance at the Geneva Conservatory, certified Pilates Matwork and Yoga Instructor of the De Gasquet Method, Lionelle develops a great interest in the work of flexibility and its infinite benefits.


Her boundless passion and her interest in movement led her to discover the aerial arts (Pole dance, Aerial straps) for which she takes flight and perfects herself daily.


Her objective is to support students in developing their flexibility by reaching their full potential through various stretching techniques.

But also, to help them focus on their body awareness in a playful way.

Because to become more flexible is to be in harmony with your body to achieve calm in the "uncomfortable" posture.

Photographer: Fredvaudroz

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