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Teach Pole.

Jess - Aerial Dance Geneva

Jess has practiced modern jazz dance and acrobatic rock n' roll since childhood and started pole dancing just over three years ago. She has been teaching this discipline for several years now and has attended numerous training courses with the greatest, including: Marlo Fisken, Sergia Louise Anderson, Prana, Bendy Kate, Alessandra Marchetti, Franco Modino, Kira Noire, Sarah Brilli, Marianna Baum, Manuela Carneiro and Carinne Tator.

Jess continues to train and perfect herself by taking classes in pole dancing, muscle building and aerial dances herself.

Enthusiastic, dynamic, determined and passionate by nature, she likes to pass on her knowledge to students so that they can achieve the goal they have set for themselves as well as help them to evolve and make them gain self-confidence. She likes to share this passion and enjoy practicing this discipline.

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