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Teaches Pole Dance & Aerial Yoga


Passionate about dance since her early childhood, Magali has "twirled" since her youth between different styles of dance: modern, hip hop, African, oriental and salsa (salsa which she still practices with great pleasure).

She meets pole dancing in 2012 and it quickly becomes a real passion. Aware that learning and mastering a dance is a long journey, she continues to train and perfect herself by taking pole dance and flexibility classes herself.

Magali likes to share her passion and appreciates seeing her students evolve and gain self-confidence.


Teaches Pole Dance & le Stretching


Jenny started classical dance at the age of 6 and then practiced Hip Hop and Modern Dance until 2008 when she discovered Pole Dance.


Thanks to her ability to work on her own and to numerous meetings with Pole Dance professionals all over the world, she has been teaching this sport since 2009. 


Being also a teacher in the orientation cycle, she has a great sense of pedagogy. Her goal is to help her students go beyond their limits so that they can achieve what seems impossible to them. She likes challenges and is a determined person.


His quote: " there are many things that only seem impossible until you try them " (André Gide).


Teaches Pole Dance & Aerial Yoga

May - Aerial Dance Geneva

For more than 15 years Maï has been working as a professional dancer and choreographer. She began her career in Paris, then arrived in Switzerland in 2005 for the Geneva reviews of Pierre Naftule as a dancer and co-choreographer. Maï still collaborates with Pierre Naftule for his reviews as well as those he does for Marie-Thérèse Porchet for the RTS.

She also gave jazz dance lessons “ vidéostyle ”, “ cabaret-chaise_cc7546-3b-bad31 5cf58d_» and “ Zumba ” in Geneva. In the continuity of her activities, Maï discovers the pole then the Yoga Swing. She then did training courses with " Gravotonics " for Yoga Swing.

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