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Teaches classical dance

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Sensitive to classical music, Barbara began classical dance at the age of 5, which quickly became her passion. She will take lessons for 17 years at the "Reine Roche Boutron" classical dance school in France, and participate in school shows at the end of the year.

In 1998-2000, she will follow training in sports and entertainment at CREPS and Club Med becomes her employer. She will alternate between her theoretical apprenticeship at CREPS and her duties at Club Meds in Europe and North Africa. At Club Med, in addition to fitness classes, she joined the sports team and learned about beach volleyball, volleyball, football, basketball and table tennis.

She is also often called upon by the entertainment team for performances of dance shows and shows for customers. She also participates in the rope, trapeze and flying trapeze circus team acts.


In 2000, when she arrived in Geneva, she taught fitness classes for a while and then devoted herself to the education of her children.


In 2017, she started her first classes at Aerial Dance with aerial hamock and fabric.


In 2020, she will take pole choreography lessons, which sounds like a revelation to her. She will resume classical dance lessons at Peter Heubi's school and will train alongside Mr. Antonio Gomes.


In 2021-2022, she will start pole lessons and will do 2 competitions (in the amateur category +40 years old  : PACA and the Swiss Championship). Then, she will attend the pole lessons, very diligent, she enjoys evolving. This new activity makes her want to test herself, to surpass herself; and gives her the impression of being more courageous.

Barbara would like to share her passion for classical dance at Aerial Dance; which according to her, complements the many disciplines offered by the school.


In her eyes, classical dance represents grace, harmony, elegance and lightness. It allows you to express yourself gently while working on technique and music. Classical dance develops balance, aplomb, coordination, strength and endurance and refines the silhouette.


Classical dance is about suspending movement and time for an instant.

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